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The growth of the online casino industry can be attributed to several factors, such as the large internet penetration, a significant rise in smartphone users, and, of course, the advancements in technology. If you are new to the gambling world and you don't know where to start, we at Danhbai Casino are here to help you out, so let's dive into the details here.

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    Where to Play the Best Online Casino Games

    At Danhbai Casino, we take pride in being an independent team of iGaming enthusiasts. Therefore, you can expect unbiased and objective reviews of the sites where you can play your favorite casino game. Below is our full list of online casinos where you can play online casino top games for real money.

    Why Choose Top Casinos to Play Casino Games?

    Our dedicated gambling experts research and analyze the best casino sites with fair games. Only the top gambling sites make it to our listings. We use the following criteria to review casinos that accept players in Vietnam.

    1 Diverse Game Selection

    A huge variety of games is a must when looking for a casino. You should be able to play blackjack games, live poker, roulette, craps, slots games with progressive jackpots, and other casino games. Also, the game providers must be trustworthy.

    2 Generous Bonus Offers

    No online casino can impress players nowadays without offering bonuses. We expect to see a mouth-watering welcome bonus, free spins, reload offers, cashback bonuses, and loyalty or VIP rewards. Moreover, the bonus terms and conditions ought to be friendly.

    3 Professional Customer Support

    The best casino sites offer several customer support channels. Players should be able to get help via live chat, email, online forms, or phone calls. Not only that, it’s important to have a knowledgeable support team that’s available 24/7.

    4 Safety and Security

    Reputable casinos always provide a safe place to play real money games. The first key requirement is a gaming license issued by a recognized organization. Moreover, the casino must utilize safety features like HTTPS and SSL encryption to protect data.

    Types of Casino Games to Play for Real Money

    Types of Casino Games to Play for Real Money.

    Because the online gambling industry is so saturated these days, you will be able to find a plethora of different casino games to play at real money operators. Let’s see which ones are the most popular.


    Online slot games offer simplicity in gameplay, free from complex strategies or complicated rules, while giving you the chance to win substantial rewards. This is why newbies and experienced pros will choose online slots as their favorite casino games. All you need is a bit of luck and good control over your gambling budget. Nowadays, there are different types of online slots games to choose from, such as classic slots, multi-payline slots, progressive jackpot slots, and 3D slots. 

    Online casinos offer free spins to attract players to try slots out. Certain online slots themselves have in-built free spins as part of their bonus structure, so there is plenty to look forward to. Finally, all online slots feature demo versions, so if you are looking for free casino games to practice, online slots are always there.


    No list of the most popular online casino games would be complete without roulette, which is among the oldest real-money casino games. One of the reasons why this game has been so popular is that it has fairly simple gameplay yet a lot of winning potential. All you need to do is choose a number or a color on which the ball will land on the roulette wheel and hope for the best. Online casinos offer numerous roulette variations, including European, American, and French roulette.

    Moreover, the roulette casino game comes in a live version as well. Game providers will stream roulette from their studios, and it all goes live with a real dealer with whom you can communicate. Live roulette offers the thrill of being in a real land-based casino, so you can imagine the gaming experience whenever you play it.


    Baccarat is a classic casino game that has a long history in the gambling world. Unlike slots or roulette, you need a bit of knowledge and skill to win real money in baccarat. The rules of baccarat are very simple – you need to choose a winner between the player and the banker.

    You and the banker will be dealt two cards, and whoever is closest to nine wins, which is very straightforward. Of course, there are various Baccarat variants available in online casinos, including Mini-Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Punto Banco, and Squeeze Baccarat.


    Speaking of the most popular casino games, we cannot overlook the appeal of the blackjack game. A beloved classic since its inception, blackjack offers straightforward gameplay. Players compete against the dealer, aiming to reach a hand value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it to secure a win. 

    While the rules of the blackjack game are simple, the gameplay is immensely thrilling. Blackjack variants available for real money play at online casinos include classic blackjack, progressive blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Spanish Blackjack.


    It is difficult to say which casino game is the most popular, but poker surely has a big shout here. One common thing among all video poker games is that you have the option to play against other players, not just the casino. There are different types of poker games you can play at any online casino, but the most popular variants are Hold’em and Omaha.

    In Texas Hold’em, each participant gets two cards, and then the community cards are dealt. Of course, the objective is to have the best possible combination. In Omaha, on the other hand, you get four cards, and you can make the best possible hand in combination with the other five community cards.

    Sic Bo

    Also known as “Tai Sai” or “Dai Siu”, Sic Bo is a popular Chinese-origin game of chance played with three dice, available in both virtual and live versions. The game is played on a table with a layout for betting on the outcome of the roll of the dice. Players place bets on various outcomes, such as the total sum of the dice or specific numbers that will appear. The virtual dealer or croupier then shakes a container with the dice inside, and players win big or lose based on the outcome of the roll and the bets that they have placed.

    Known for its simplicity and diverse betting options, Sic Bo appeals to a broad spectrum of players across Asia. The game is also typically offered with a wide range of betting limits, making it accessible to both casual and high-stakes players.


    Keno is a lottery-style game in which players choose numbers, called spots, and then watch as 20 numbers are drawn at random from a pool of numbers. The player’s winnings are determined by how many spots they correctly guess.

    The game is played on a card with numbers from 1 to 80, and the player can typically choose up to 20 numbers. The numbers are then drawn at random, usually by a computerized system, and the player wins based on the number of spots they correctly guess. Keno is a game of chance with no skill involved and is similar to bingo and other lottery-style games. It’s a staple in most online casinos as well as in some lotteries.

    Dragon Tiger

    Dragon Tiger is a casino card game similar to the well-known Baccarat. The game is played with two cards, one for the dragon and one for the tiger, and the objective is to bet on which card will have the highest value. Each round, the dealer deals one card to the dragon and one card to the tiger, and the players can place their bets on either the dragon or the tiger to have the highest card.

    The game is fast-paced and simple to understand, making it a popular casino game choice for players who are looking for a quick and easy game to play. The game is often found in Asian online casinos, but it can also be found in online casinos worldwide.

    Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher is a live casino game that is similar to a wheel of fortune game. It is played on a large vertical wheel that is divided into segments, each of which is labeled with a number. The objective of the game is to place a bet on which number the wheel will stop on, with the betting options ranging from 1 to 40. 

    The virtual dealer or croupier then spins the wheel, and if the wheel stops on the number that the player has bet on, they win. Dream Catcher is typically offered in live casino formats with a live dealer spinning the wheel, and the game is streamed live to the players through the internet.

    Brief Overview of the Legality of Online Casino Games in Vietnam

    Brief Overview of the Legality of Online Casino Games in Vietnam.

    Vietnam’s gambling industry is governed by different types of laws. There are a few land-based casinos that foreign tourists and locals can access under the current gambling regulations in Vietnam. New laws were also introduced in 2017 and 2018 to permit online sports betting. However, there are no locally licensed online casino sites. The good news is that players can play on international gambling sites. What’s important is to choose a licensed and regulated offshore casino.

    Can I Play Online Casino Games with VPN?

    Using a virtual private network (VPN) is a choice you can make as a player. You may want to use a VPN to play casino games in Vietnam if a casino site is not available in the country. However, you should first read the casino’s terms and conditions to find out if players are allowed to use VPNs. With a good VPN, you might be able to access games that are not available locally.

    Best Online Slot Let’s Roll

    How to Choose the Best Online Casino Games

    If you are a newcomer to the iGaming industry, you will be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information you need to absorb. You might also be wondering where to start in your online gambling adventure, but that is where we at Danhbai Casino come in. Beginning your online gaming experience is not something that is complicated, so all you need to do when choosing the best gambling games is to follow the next few steps.

    Estimated Time Needed: 05:00 Tools Needed: PC, Smartphone, Tablet Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Step 1
    Find a Game That is Easy to Understand

    First off, when you are a newbie, you don't want to overcomplicate things. You need to start with the simplest games possible, so maybe you can start playing online slots game first. Classic slot machines are probably the best option here, as they are the simplest form of online casino game available.

    Step 2
    See Whether the Game has a Free Version

    Another good piece of advice we can give is to play free games before you decide to wager real money. Free casino games are good for practicing  as they don't require you to make any real money deposits. Moreover, there is no limit on how long you can play free games, so it is always a good place to get started.

    Step 3
    Check the Minimum Bet

    When choosing an online casino game, you also need to take a look at the minimum bet required. Probably at the start of your gaming journey, you will be on a tighter budget, so you need to choose games with the lowest minimum stake. It will allow you to play without losing all your money at the start.

    Step 4
    Check the RTP

    RTP stands for “Return to Player,” and it is something that you should always check before playing. This goes especially for online slots, the most popular category of games. The RTP will give you a rough idea of how much you can expect to win in the long term. Of course, the higher the RTP, the better for you.

    360% up to 20000 BCD
    Wagering: 30x

    Understanding the Terms and Conditions for Online Casino Games

    Understanding the Terms and Conditions for Online Casino Games.

    All casinos have different types of game rules, terms and conditions that players must adhere to all the time. Things like deposit limits, withdrawal limits, and maximum win limits vary from one casino or game to another. Legal gambling age restrictions also apply to prevent underage gambling. Moreover, you must comply with bet limits, payment method restrictions, and wagering requirements.

    Learning how each game works is also important. Some games have specific bets and rules that are not found in other games. With all these terms and conditions in mind, you should not start playing without understanding the rules.

    Online Casino Gaming Experience: Video Slots, Mobile Games, and Live Casino Adventures

    Online Casino Gaming Experience_ Video Slots, Mobile Games, and Live Casino Adventures.

    The best casino games offer an incredible gambling experience on all devices. You can have fun playing your favorite variants from the comfort of your own home. The most exciting options include video slots, live dealer games, and mobile casino games. Let’s see what players can expect from these options.

    Video Slots

    When it comes to playing online slots, the options are endless. With a standard of at least five reels, these games captivate players with attractive graphics, sounds, and dynamic backgrounds. These online slots have a variety of bonus features that can be triggered through various combinations, so the winning potential is substantial. Examples of popular video slots you can find on reputable gambling sites include Thunderstruck II, Wheel of Fortune, Mega Fortune, Wizard of Oz, and Starburst.

    Live Casino Games

    With a variety of real money options, you can play live roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and even game shows. These games offer players the chance to experience the thrills of a real online casino without even leaving their homes. Live casino games require a specific skill set, and you will play in real-time against real players and dealers, so you need to be on top of your game all the time.

    Mobile Casino Games

    Nowadays, people tend to do all their daily activities on their mobile phones, including enjoying online entertainment like mobile casino games. Therefore, the best game providers make sure to create their games with HTML5 technology. This means that the game will run smoothly on any mobile device without the need to download any additional software. For an even better gaming experience, online casinos themselves also adapt their websites for mobile users or develop mobile casino apps.

    Classic Casino Games: European Blackjack, European Roulette and Texas Hold’em Poker

    Classic Casino Games_ European Blackjack, European Roulette and Texas Hold_em Poker.

    One of the benefits of playing games at online casinos is that you can play classic games. These include the most popular casino games played in land-based casinos. The most played classic games available today include European Blackjack, European Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, and other titles. Let’s explore them.

    European Blackjack

    Many casinos offer European Blackjack, a fun game to play online for real money. The rules in this game are easy to understand and slightly different compared to American Blackjack. In European Blackjack, the dealer gets one face-up card and is only allowed to deal the second card after all players have played their hands. There’s no hole card, and the dealer is not allowed to peek, unlike when playing American Blackjack.

    European Roulette

    When you sign up for an account at well-known online casinos, you can find numerous roulette variations. Among all of those variations, European Roulette shines as a favorite with a low house advantage of only 2.63%. It follows the standard roulette rules, where you need to predict where the ball will land on the wheel and place various bets. However, as opposed to American Roulette, the European version has 37 pockets for the ball to land in, so your odds are instantly better here.

    Texas Hold’em Poker

    Up next, we have Texas Hold’em Poker, arguably the most popular poker game in the world. In this variant, you will be dealt two hole cards, with five community cards being dealt next. Of course, you will need to make the best possible hand with your hole cards and the community cards. The standard poker hand rankings apply here, as is the case with other video poker games for real money.

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    Real Money Casino Games vs. Free Casino Games

    When you decide to play casino games, you can choose to start your gaming adventure - by playing free or real money games. As you would imagine, both options have certain unique features, so let's see what you can expect from either one.

    Real Money Games VS Free Play Casino Games
    You can win real money
    As long as you don't make deposits, you can't win real money
    You must know the game in detail
    You don't need to know the game, as you can practice in demo mode
    You can lose big amounts if you are on a losing streak
    It doesn't matter whether you are on a losing streak as you don't lose real money
    You can claim various casino bonuses and promotions
    There are no casino bonus offers for demo games
    Real Money Games
    You can win real money
    You must know the game in detail
    You can lose big amounts if you are on a losing streak
    You can claim various casino bonuses and promotions
    Free Play Casino Games
    As long as you don't make deposits, you can't win real money
    You don't need to know the game, as you can practice in demo mode
    It doesn't matter whether you are on a losing streak as you don't lose real money
    There are no casino bonus offers for demo games

    Which Features Should Casino Top Games Have?

    Which Features Should a Good Casino Game Have_

    Just because there are thousands of games to choose from, it doesn’t mean that all of them are top-notch in terms of quality. There are certain aspects of a casino game that make it stand out from the rest, so below is the full list of features you need to look for to determine whether a game is good or not.


    First impressions always matter, and graphics are a good sign of a quality online casino game. The correlation between stunning graphics and overall game quality is so evident. With that being said, the best game providers make sure to create visually appealing games that will attract more players to try them out.

    Demo Version

    Once again, we go back to the option to test the game in free-play mode. A game that has a demo version is always very popular, as players can give it a try and gain confidence by playing it that way. Free slots games are especially important, as slot machines in general are more popular than other games, so you need to be able to test them out for free first.


    Finally, all casino games should be run on an RNG, which stands for Random Number Generator. It basically says that the outcome of the given game is completely random. The best online slots, alongside table games, run on RNG, so it is a necessity in today’s iGaming world.

    Top Online Casino Game Providers

    Top Online Casino Game Providers.

    Top-quality games would not be possible if it weren’t for game providers to create them. Software providers are one of the most important pillars in the online gambling world, and the competition is fierce. Of course, even though there are hundreds of game providers out there, some can be considered better than others.

    Therefore, we, at Danhbai Casino, have done thorough research on the game providers active at the moment, and we can distinguish the following ones as the best:

    • NetEnt – Founded in 1996, NetEnt is one of the most experienced names here
    • Play’n GO – Active since the 1990’s, the company has offices in several European countries
    • Microgaming – Launched in 1994, Microgaming is known as one of the pioneering game providers 
    • IGT – British game provider with more than 11,000 employees
    • Evolution Gaming – Best known for its live and table games offers
    • Red Tiger – Having started operations in 2014, it is a relatively new game provider

    New Online Casino Games

    Every day, we witness the release of new casino games, and it is something that most punters get excited about. So, here is our list of the most recent casino games available at our recommended online casinos.

    Provider Title RTP Max Payout

    Pragmatic Play

    Sweet Power Nudge



    Play’n GO

    Wild Falls 2



    Relax Gaming

    Net Gains



    Best Casino Bonus Read Now

    What Is RNG and How Does It Work?

    What is RNG and How Does It Work_

    As mentioned earlier, an RNG stands for “Random Number Generator”, a crucial part of online casino games. It basically provides the randomness for the outcome of all casino games. All reputable online gambling sites make sure to use it for their games. An RNG is a computer program that randomly generates vast sequences of numbers, and they don’t follow any pattern. This ensures that casino games are not manipulated, and you can be confident that you have the same chance to win as everyone else. 

    What Is RTP?

    What is RTP_

    Another crucial concept in online gambling is RTP or “Return to Player”. It is expressed as a percentage in casino games. The RTP will represent the money you can expect to win by playing real money games at any of the recommended casinos at Danhbai. As an example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, it signifies that, over the long run, for every $1 you bet, you can expect a return of $0.95. It’s important to note that this figure is theoretical and not fixed, representing an idealized model.

    Play at the Best Online Casinos Today!

    Overall, it is easy to see why many punters around the world regard online gambling as one of the best pastime activities. There are plenty of casino games to choose from, all of which feature different gameplay, graphics, rewards, bonus wins, and more. Every casino enthusiast is sure to find a game that matches their taste, all while they sit in the comfort of their own homes.

    It seems like the online gambling industry has already taken over the entire gambling world, which we see as a big positive. As long as you play at reputable gambling sites, such as the ones we at Danhbai Casino recommend, you have nothing to worry about. You can enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with a lot of potential to secure nice wins.

    Best Payment Method Best Payment Method Discover more


    Which Is the Best Casino Game I Can Play?

    This mainly depends on your taste. There is no universal answer on which game is the best one for you, but slots, table games, and live dealer games tend to stand out in all reliable online casinos.

    Is It Legal to Play Online Casino Games in Vietnam?

    Although there are restrictive online gambling rules in Vietnam, it’s still possible to access online casino games. Your best bet is to visit licensed offshore casino sites powered by trusted software providers.

    Where Can I Play the Best Casino Games Online?

    All you need to do is check out our list of the best online casinos active in the iGaming world at the moment, and choose one that matches your preferences.

    Can I Play Online Casino Games on My Mobile Phone?

    Yes, the best game providers make sure to create games that will run smoothly on any mobile device. Moreover, online casinos also optimize their sites for any mobile device, so you can win money on the go, regardless of your location.

    What Is a Good RTP in Slot Machines?

    The average RTP in today’s online slot industry is around 96%. Therefore, should you find a game that has that percentage or anything above it, you are good to go.

    Can I Play Casino Games for Free Online?

    Yes, most games at online casinos have a demo or free version. Therefore, you can play without depositing money to learn how the game works and understand the applicable game rules.

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