Online Baccarat Casinos

Baccarat is one of the easiest card games to play at online casinos—no complex skills or strategies are needed. All you need is the proper guidance, and that's where we come in. In this article, we'll introduce you to everything about baccarat and the best online casinos where you can play for real money.

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Best Online Baccarat Casinos

Before you can start playing online baccarat for real money, you need to choose a casino to play at. Several online casino sites allow you to bet on baccarat, but choosing the best option becomes challenging. We have expert gamers with vast industry knowledge. For your comfort, we have explored numerous online baccarat casinos and tested them to ensure they offer quality iGaming services. Below are some of the best online baccarat casinos to try out in 2023.

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    Baccarat Rules

    It would be best to learn the rules before playing baccarat for real money. Fortunately, the rules are easy to grasp. In online baccarat, 4, 6, or 8 decks of cards are used, depending on the software provider that supplies the game. A baccarat table usually contains up to 12 players, but the one for Live Baccarat is smaller. A baccarat player’s goal is to have a hand that is as close to a 9 as possible.

    Additionally, a hand’s value can’t exceed 9 in baccarat since it’s the highest score in the game. This is one of the essential rules you must understand before playing. Like in blackjack, cards in baccarat are also assigned a value. However, the points are calculated differently compared to other games.

    Card Values

    This is an important criterion you need to understand before calculating the points. It is important to note that, unlike the other table games, the joker does not appear in baccarat. So the cards from 2 through 9 are worth their face value.

    For example, a card number 4 is worth the face value of 5; a card number 2 is worth the face value of 2; and so on. Additionally, picture cards, such as Queen, Jack, and King, are worth zero points. Card number 10 is also worth zero points. Baccarat points are calculated differently, and the hand closest to 9 wins the game. Also, we mentioned that a hand’s value can’t exceed the maximum number of 9 in baccarat.

    So when a hand value reaches double numbers, the second number becomes the hand’s value and will always determine the score. For example, if you have a hand that totals 12, then it is worth $2, and a total hand of 15 is worth $5, and so on.

    When Is a Third Card Drawn in Baccarat?

    One of the trickiest rules in baccarat is knowing when the third card has to be drawn. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t a matter of strategy, and the decisions depend on the game rules. While you can play along, you must know what will happen. The Player and the Banker can draw a third card under different circumstances. We’ll discuss each hand below.

    Player’s Hand

    When the Player receives their first two cards, they need to make one of two decisions – to Hit/Draw or Stand. To Hit or Draw means to request a new card. On the other hand, to Stand means you don’t want any additional cards, and they can proceed with their current hand’s value. If a Player has a natural, the game round ends, and they win.

    A natural is when the value of the first two cards totals 8 or 9. A third card is drawn if the Player has a total hand of 5 or less. The Player stands if the hand totals 6 or 7. If the Player doesn’t draw the third card, the Banker will draw a third card if the hand total is less than 5.

    Banker’s Hand

    The Banker’s hand rules are more complicated because they depend on the value of their third card and the Player’s decision. We’ll break it down for you to understand better.

    • If the Player or the Banker has a natural, they both stand. And this rule overrides others.
    • If the Player decides to stand, the Banker can draw a third card if they have a total hand of less than 5. They stand if the hand’s score is higher.

    Below are some situations requiring the Banker’s third card rule.

    • A Banker with a total of 2 or less will get a third card, no matter what the Player’s third card value is.
    • The Banker will also draw a third card if the hand’s value is 3, but this won’t happen if the Player’s third card has a value of 8.
    • With a total of 4, the Banker draws a third card, but not if the Player draws a third card with values of 0, 8, 1, or 9.
    • The Banker also gets a third card with a total hand of 5, but not if the Player has a value of 0, 2, 3, 8, 1, or 9 as their third card.
    • There won’t be a third card if the Banker has a 7, except if the Player has a 6 or 7 as their third card.
    • The Banker won’t draw a third card with a total of 7, the bank stands.

    Playing Options in Baccarat Online

    Unlike the blackjack game, baccarat doesn’t require many decisions. More often than not, you’re required to place yours on the Banker’s or the Player’s hand. However, you need to know the little decisions necessary to finish a round of poker. What you should know about baccarat’s playing options is detailed below.


    When you hit baccarat, it means you want to receive a new card. Several conditions can warrant a Player or Banker to hit or draw a new card. A Player can hit or draw a new card when the total hand for the first two cards is 5 or less.


    Standing in baccarat indicates that you do not require another card and are satisfied with the current value of your hand.

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    How to Play Baccarat Online

    Now that you have understood the rules, you can start playing baccarat for real money. Like other online casino games, playing baccarat is pretty straightforward. However, it would be best if you chose a casino before betting. Follow our step-by-step guide below to start your journey.

    Estimated Time Needed: 05:00 Tools Needed: PC, Smartphone, Tablet Supplies Needed: Time, Money
    Step 1
    Find a Baccarat Casino

    The first step  is to find a casino that offers the game. The good news is that there are numerous options to choose from. Where it gets tricky is knowing which casino site is right for you and can cater to your gaming needs. Just ensure that you only play with a licensed and regulated gambling site. For your convenience, you can choose from our recommended best online baccarat casinos. 

    Step 2
    Create an Account with the Casino

    Once you have selected a casino baccarat site to play with, you need to create an account to gain access to real money gambling. To do this, visit the official site and provide the necessary information to create an account. Some of the information needed includes your name (first and last name), email address, date of birth, phone number, username, contact address, and password.

    Step 3
    Place Your Bets

    With an active account, you can start placing bets, but you need to first fund your account. Visit the casino's cashier area to make a deposit. Note that all casinos on our list offer secure transactions. Choose the payment options that interest you, enter the amount you want to deposit, and the money will reflect instantly. Before you start playing for real money, you need to choose a style of play. 

    Step 4
    Check the Cards Dealt

    After the bet is placed, two cards are dealt to both the Player and the Banker. You will understand how to calculate your points if you have read our rules section. Remember that you need a hand that's closest to 9 to win the game. Also, you can bet on the Player’s or Banker’s hand or whether the game will end in a tie.

    Bets in Baccarat Online Game

    We mentioned earlier that the rules for playing baccarat are easy and straightforward. The reason is that there are only three betting options in baccarat. Among the most popular wagering options are Banker and Player. This means you bet on either the Banker or the Player. Below is a rundown of these options for better understanding.

    Player’s Hand

    This means you’re betting on your hand winning. If your Player bets are correct, you’ll get a payout of 1 to 1. The Player’s hand has a house edge of 1.24%.

    Banker’s Hand

    Here, the Player is betting that the Banker’s hand will win the game. If your Banker’s bets are correct, you’ll also receive a payout of 1 to 1. Also, the Banker’s hand has a house edge of 1.06%. However, Players are required to pay a commission of 5% to the dealer for every Banker’s win.

    Tie Bet

    In a tie bet, the player is betting that the Player’s and Dealer’s hand values will be the same. If you place a tie bet and win, you’re eligible for a payout of 8 to 1 or sometimes 9 to 1, depending on the casino.

    Even though the Tie hand comes with charming winning odds, you shouldn’t bet on it. You might wonder what the reasons are. Well, it’s simple. Baccarat is a game of luck, and betting on the Tie hand even requires more luck than the other two wagering options. The Banker’s hand has a 45.8% chance of winning, the Player’s hand has a 44.6% chance of winning, and the Tie hand has a 9.6% chance of winning. Also, the tie bet has a house edge of 14.4%.

    How We Find the Best Online Baccarat Casinos

    The first step in your iGaming journey is to find the best baccarat casinos. This is important because it goes a long way towards determining if you'll enjoy the experience or lose all your bankroll. There are lots of fraudulent sites that want to rip baccarat players. So you should conduct in-depth background checks before you register with a site. However, we have made the search easy by providing you with a list of trustworthy casino sites where you can play baccarat for real money without any concern. We have tested these sites using stringent criteria to ensure they are the best options before listing them. We have provided you with some of the criteria used during this process to validate our process. 

    1 Licencing and Reputation

    During our search for the best baccarat casinos, we first consider the licensing information. This shows us whether the casino can be trusted. Several regulatory bodies are responsible for licensing online gambling operators and checking them out for any atrocities or irregularities. We consider top bodies, such as Curaçao eGaming, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

    2 Game Providers

    Another criterion we check out before including a casino on our list is the kind of game providers it features. This will have a significant impact on the types of baccarat games available on the site. We check the operator's game library to see their collection. We mainly consider top developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Red Tiger Gaming. 

    3 Payment Methods

    It's known that most players wager online to win money. Likewise, players don't want to experience delays in withdrawing their payouts when they play and win. So it's important to consider the payment options before you start gambling at a casino. Some of the popular banking methods we consider include Visa, Bank Transfer, Mastercard, NETELLER, PayPal, Interac, iDebit, and Skrill payment method or cryptocurrencies.

    4 Bonuses

    Another important factor to consider is the variety of bonuses available for baccarat games. The best online casino for Baccarat games will provide several bonuses for players to benefit from. These could include welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and VIP rewards. These can boost your bankroll and help you increase your winning chances.

    The Most Important Advantages of Playing Baccarat Games Online

    There are several advantages to playing baccarat games online. This section will explore the most important benefits of playing baccarat online.


    Easy Rules

    Baccarat is among the simplest casino games online. So Players will find it easy to understand the rules. Additionally, you can play the game from the comfort of your home. You can use the demo version of the regular game to practice online.


    Simple Gameplay

    Another advantage is that baccarat does not necessitate complex skills. Unlike other card games like baccarat, you can rest assured that every Player on the baccarat table is equal. You don’t need to worry about being matched against a more experienced Player. In the game, you bet on the Player or the Banker.


    Low-Budget Friendly

    Most online casino games require a large bankroll, but this is different for baccarat. You don’t have to spend a fortune to play and win at baccarat. With a small bankroll, you can get lucky and go home with a massive payout.


    Easy Rules
    Simple Gameplay
    Low-Budget Friendly

    Baccarat is among the simplest casino games online. So Players will find it easy to understand the rules. Additionally, you can play the game from the comfort of your home. You can use the demo version of the regular game to practice online.


    Another advantage is that baccarat does not necessitate complex skills. Unlike other card games like baccarat, you can rest assured that every Player on the baccarat table is equal. You don’t need to worry about being matched against a more experienced Player. In the game, you bet on the Player or the Banker.


    Most online casino games require a large bankroll, but this is different for baccarat. You don’t have to spend a fortune to play and win at baccarat. With a small bankroll, you can get lucky and go home with a massive payout.


    Online Baccarat Bonuses

    Bonuses are one of the tactics used by online gambling sites to appeal to players to join their sites and keep playing. However, online casino bonuses also benefit the players as they can help them increase their bankroll, giving them more shots at winning. You can claim several types of bonuses online, depending on the casino you choose to play with. Below are some common bonuses you’ll find at the best baccarat gambling sites.

    Welcome Bonuses

    This is the most common bonus you’ll find at the industry’s top casinos. Welcome bonuses are offered to new players as an incentive for joining a casino site. That means the bonuses are only valid for players just joining the casino. Additionally, this casino bonus can come in two forms: deposit and no-deposit bonuses.

    No Deposit Bonuses

    As the name suggests, casino no deposit bonuses allow players do not need to deposit before they can claim the offer. Register with a casino that features the bonus, and your account will be credited upon activation. It’s the most beneficial offer to players, especially new baccarat gamblers. You can learn the game rules without risking the bankroll with a no-deposit bonus. Also, if you’re lucky, you can win real money at these games. Players should note that the no-deposit bonus fund is small and comes with strict requirements.

    Deposit Bonuses

    Unlike the no-deposit bonus, you can only claim this casino bonus when you register and fund your account. It’s usually a percentage of the amount you deposit. Aside from that, you need to deposit a certain qualifying amount to be eligible. The most common deposit welcome bonus is the 100% match offer, but some casinos offer more, especially when the welcome package is spread over multiple deposits.

    If you register with a casino offering a 100% match deposit bonus, the operator will double your deposit amount. So if you deposit $100, you’ll get an additional $100 to play with. Notably, deposit bonus funds are usually higher than their no-deposit counterpart.

    Cashback Bonuses

    Players are always skeptical of gambling online because they don’t want to lose their money. However, it’s vital to note that losing is part of gambling and can’t be eliminated. The best online casinos for baccarat offer players a bonus to compensate them for their losses over a period of time.

    This casino bonus is known as a cashback bonus. So players don’t need to worry when they wager with real money. Cashback bonuses come in percentages, and the value depends on the casino you’re playing with. Most online casinos reward you with up to 20% cashback bonuses, but a few might offer more.

    Reload Bonuses

    This casino bonus works similarly to the deposit bonus, but reload bonuses are usually smaller. These bonuses are valid for regular players who make subsequent deposits with a casino operator. You can receive up to 20% in bonuses on every deposit you make as you continue to play at the casino. Like the deposit bonus, reload bonuses are a percentage of your deposit.

    VIP Rewards

    Every online business will create a scheme to reward loyal customers, and the online gambling industry is no exception. Players who are loyal and bet regularly at a gambling site are often rewarded with exclusive bonuses and other perks.

    Most casino sites require you to be a high roller before you can start enjoying VIP rewards. Also, the VIP program comes with a tier-bonus system, where your levels determine the bonuses you can claim. Rewards for VIP players include cashback bonuses, low wagering requirements, birthday bonuses, high withdrawal limits, tickets to exclusive events, and more.

    Play Live Dealer Baccarat with Real Money

    Playing Live Dealer Baccarat at a casino site gives you a taste of real-world gambling. Unlike regular baccarat, where the computer is responsible for dealing the cards, in Live Dealer Baccarat, you’ll have access to human dealers and experience the action in real-time. The best online casinos have a Live Casino section where you can play a variety of live baccarat variations.

    With this live version, you can enjoy a more immersive and exciting gambling experience. These games are streamed in high-quality audio and video directly from the developer’s studio. Another benefit of playing Live Dealer Baccarat is chatting with the dealer. There are different baccarat tables, so you must choose one.

    Notably, Live Dealer Baccarat doesn’t have a demo version, so you can practice with a demo version. Therefore, it’s not a starting point for players new to the game. Regular baccarat, on the other hand, allows you to practice with a free version. So you can try that out before wagering Live Dealer Baccarat with real money.

    What Are the Best Baccarat Strategies?

    Even though winning in the game of baccarat is mostly up to chance, there are some strategies you can apply to increase your odds of winning. Despite the fact that most baccarat experts will advise you to bet more on the Banker's hand because it has a better chance of winning, there are other strategies you can employ when playing for real money. Below are some of the strategies to try out.


    This is one of the most straightforward strategies you can apply when playing your favorite game of baccarat. Here, you'll take the 1-3-2-4 number sequence and increase your bet every time you win a hand using this sequence. The strategy is based on the popular 1-3-2-6 betting system, but it aims to reduce the win/loss variance by only wagering 4 units on the fourth bet.

    This strategy is highly recommended for low-budget baccarat players to help them keep their losses to a minimum. The 1-3-2-4 dictates the amount you will bet on each round. The amount you will set aside depends on your bankroll. Let's take a bankroll of $10 as an example. If your first bet wins, you need to move on to the next unit, which is $30.

    If you win again, move on to the next game and stake $20. After another win, you can move to the fourth sequence, which requires you to bet $40. Once you successfully finish the fourth sequence with a win, return to the first unit, and bet $10 again, which continues in that fashion. However, if you lose on any unit, you'll keep betting on that unit till you win.


    This is another top strategy you can use when playing baccarat. This one-sided strategy is simple, so you will find it easy to understand. The dealer usually has a small edge in the game based on how the cards fall. The one-sided strategy, on the other hand, takes advantage of the fact that either the Player's or the Banker's hand has an almost equal chance of winning.  Using this strategy, the Player is expected to pick one side—either the Player or the Banker and they should always bet on the outcome.

    Additionally, the strategy depends on the assumption that the game's outcome won't be Banker-Player-Banker-Player, but that there's a possibility that a particular result will win several rounds. We understand that this strategy poses the question of which hand is better to wager on. It's no news that the Banker will win more often than the Player. But remember that a 5% commission is attached to each Banker's win. The odds of winning in baccarat are set to be equal for both the Player and the Banker. Therefore, most gamblers often bet more on the Player's hand.


    This is another popular strategy that applies to the Baccarat game. In this strategy, bettors are required to double their stake after every win to regain their bankroll. So, for example, if you start with a stake of $10 and you win, your next bet will be $20. And if you win again, you'll increase your bet to $30, and so on. Players should stop raising their stakes after three consecutive wins and return to their initial bet.
    Best Payment Method Best Payment Method Discover more

    Deposit & Withdrawal Methods at Baccarat Casino Sites

    Most online gambling sites require you to deposit before you can start playing their baccarat game for real money. Besides, bettors often gamble online to make money, and it’s vital that they can withdraw their winnings without stress. Therefore, you must consider the banking options available before registering with an operator. We’ll discuss some payment methods available at baccarat casino sites.

    Deposit Methods

    The best baccarat online gambling sites will process deposits instantly, so players can start enjoying their favorite variants. Also, these casinos won’t charge players when they fund their accounts. To make a deposit, visit the cashier section, choose your preferred payment option, and follow the instructions.

    Withdrawal Methods

    More often than not, you’ll find the same options available for deposits when it’s time to make your withdrawal request. However, you must check the terms and conditions, as some casinos might mandate that you use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. Unlike the deposit, withdrawal processing often takes longer to complete, usually between 24 hours and five working days, depending on your chosen method.



    Deposit Methods Withdrawal Methods





















    Best Online Slot Let’s Roll

    Pros and Cons of Online Baccarat 

    Playing baccarat offers several benefits, and bettors will enjoy their game sessions. While the game has some advantages, it also has some downsides that you need to be aware of. Below are the pros and cons of baccarat.

    • Online baccarat is available on almost every gambling site around the world.
    • Baccarat variants don't differ much, so you won't need to learn new rules when changing to another version.
    • The house edge in baccarat is low and can be compared to blackjack.
    • You can have a small bankroll to play the game.
    • Players who stake on the Banker's hand must pay a 5% commission.
    • Don't expect to win a fortune when wagering on real money baccarat.

    The Most Famous Types of Baccarat Games for Real Money Online

    Baccarat has several variations, each with its own set of rules and strategies. Here we take a look at the most famous types of baccarat games that are available to play for real money at online casinos.

    Punto Banco

    This is also American Baccarat, and you'll find it on most online gambling sites. The game is easy to learn and has three primary betting options, but two are the most popular. This is Player-Punto and Bank-Banco, hence the name Punto Banco. Each winning hand in this baccarat version is subject to a 5% commission.

    Chemin de Fer

    This is another famous type of baccarat game you can play online for real money. Chemin de Fer is a French word that translates to "Railway" in English. This type of baccarat game is rare at an online casino site. The game rules are almost the same as in Punto Banco. But in this case, the players are betting against each other. Each Player will act as the dealer at a certain point in the game. Also, the third card rules are flexible; you can decide to hit or draw your third card.

    Baccarat Banque

    This version is known as “Two Table Baccarat” and has similar rules to “Chemin de Fer." Here, the Banker, one of the players, will remain a Banker until he steps down or goes bankrupt. Baccarat Banque has two tables with six players each. All the players will bet against the Banker and not each other.

    Mini Baccarat

    This version of baccarat is also known as “Mini Punto Banco” because it's the smaller variant. The game comes with similar rules to the original “Punto Banco,"  but with a smaller table and a maximum of 7 players. Notably, this game is faster than the original one, taking about thirty seconds to complete a game round. If you're a low-budget player, this version of the game is your best option.


    This is another famous type you'll find on the best gambling sites worldwide. Here, you're playing against the croupier and must reach a total hand of 9 with a minimum of two to three cards. This game is becoming increasingly popular among gambling sites, slowly replacing classic baccarat in popularity. Also, you can play the game under the names “No-Commission Baccarat” or “Punto Banco."


    100% up to 77$
    Wagering: 30x
    21+ Gamble responsibly T&C’s apply

    Live Casino House

    200% up to 400$+ 50 Free Spins
    Wagering: 30x
    21+ Gamble responsibly T&C’s apply


    360% up to 20000 BCD
    Wagering: 30x
    21+ Gamble responsibly T&C’s apply

    Play Casino Baccarat with Real Money via Mobile

    The demand for mobile casinos has increased exponentially since the advent of mobile technology. People run almost all their activities from their mobile gadgets. Whether you want to shop for groceries or make payments for shopping, you can do it from the comfort of your home. The casino gambling industry is embracing this trend to stay relevant.

    Baccarat gamblers want to be able to wager on their favorite variants from anywhere in the world. We understand this, so we test the site across all Android and iOS devices to determine its performance and responsiveness. We also take into account the number of baccarat games available on the mobile casino site. Some sites have a dedicated app you can download, while others don’t. But we ensure that you can access them through your mobile web browser before listing them.



    What Is Baccarat?

    Baccarat is a card game that’s popular among casino sites. It’s a game between two hands: the Player and the Banker. Additionally, each baccarat game round has three possible outcomes: the Players, the Banker, and a tie. The hand value that’s closest to 9 is the winning bet.

    Do Casinos Cheat in Online Baccarat Games?

    No. However, most players might think so because the house wins more often, but this is different. Online baccarat uses a Random Number Generator software to determine the game’s outcome. This computer algorithm can’t be tampered with at the best online casino. Also, you should ensure that you play at a licensed casino.

    What's the Best Strategy in Baccarat?

    There are no best strategies in the baccarat game, as only some can guarantee a 100% win every time. However, placing a bet on the Banker’s hand is recommended because it has the lowest house edge.

    Can You Count Cards in Baccarat?

    Yes. It’s possible to count cards in baccarat and make small profits. The aim is to determine whether the Banker or the layer will have a better advantage; you don’t need to consider the Tie bet. Notably, you don’t need to remember any cards; you only need to perform basic arithmetic.

    Can I Play Online Baccarat for Free?

    Yes. You can play online Baccarat for free at our recommended casinos. However, Live Dealer Baccarat games don’t feature a demo version.

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